Sangoma support hours

We ran into a show-stopper issue with a v13 to v15 upgrade yesterday at about 4:00 PM Pacific Time (GMT -7). I opened a level 3 severity ticket at that time.

I got an email at 4:19 AM and a phone call at 5:45 AM from the assigned support engineer in Argentina, GMT -3. He work 9-6, so goes off shift at 2:00 PM my time. The Sangoma support phone number goes dark at 3:00 PM our time, I think.

Is there any way, when creating a ticket, we can get it assigned to an engineer who is at least in the same time zone so there is better chance of working critical issues immediately, or at least a bigger overlap of working hours?

You may want to create a customer service ticket (which is free) for them to address this issue.

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