Sangoma Support Alternative


There have been a number of posts on here recently about Sangoma’s declining level of support services and lack of response to tickets. But there are alternatives!

Crosstalk Solutions has been a Certified Sangoma Partner for the past 8 years, and we support hundreds of active FreePBX installations of all sizes. You may know Crosstalk Solutions from YouTube where we’ve been putting out tutorial videos on FreePBX and related topics since 2016.

Our techs are the best in the business when it comes to designing, deploying, troubleshooting, and supporting FreePBX systems. Hosted/on-premises/virtual - if it can run FreePBX, we can support it. And if there’s something we can’t support - such as super old or incompatible phones or other hardware, we’ll be up front about that, and give you best practice advice for alternative solutions.

Our philosophy is that we are our customers’ partner in VoIP. We are here to assist with whatever you need from full systems, to phones or other hardware, and yes - full support services. Give us a shout!

-Chris Sherwood
Owner - Crosstalk Solutions


I might be biased here since Chris and I go back over 15 years of working together but Chris is who we refer our SMB FreePBX customers to when they want quality support and assistance.


I believe this post should be removed by the person who posted ot or by someone who adminsters the forum.

This is a marketing post and is VERY self serving and does not really help the community.

Inagine if every partner started marketing themselves on this forum it would become a SHT SHW.

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Unfortunately the problem seems to be that Sangoma is no longer “supporting the community” :slight_smile: So as they say " Any port in a storm . . ."

It’s not like that organization has no pedigree after all.


Just to throw out another opinion, marketing posts should be allowed (with limits), but restricted to an appropriate category. There is a Jobs category that could have its definition and title expanded for the purpose.

Self promotion is permitted, so thread can stand. Replying to threads with offers of paid assistance, once flagged as off-topic or spam will be removed.

Closing thread and ignoring the numerous flagged posts here.