Sangoma SBC will not block the failed REGISTER from PJSIP extension


We have a FreePBX behind the Sangoma SBC, tried to enable the SIP Firewall to block the REGISTER attempts but seems it does not work as expected.
It looks like that Sangoma SBC only monitoring SIP response 403 while the FreePBX is always replying with 401 Unauthorized

I need some help to understand if I missed some part of setting on SBC or have to do something on FreePBX.


401 is not a failure; it is a challenge for authentication.

Hi david55

yes, you are right, but wondering why pbx is still sending the 401 after getting the challenge response from end point and password is wrong! by right it should send 403 after the endpoint replied the challenge with wong password, right?

Resending 401 typically happens if a stale nonce is used in the response.

it seems pjsip always reply with 401 even when password is wrong, on chan_sip the reply is 403 for same scenario

Hi Everyone,

would like to check why PJSIP always reply with 401 when someone trying to REGISTER using wrong credentials? it should send 403 Forbidden after the 1st challenge if the credentials are not correct.

appreciate if someone can point me how to tackle this as I need to get 403 forbidden for security purpose.

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noted, Is this remain under commercial products (SBC) or related to FreePBX PJSIP?

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