Sangoma S705 Voicemail with Two Extensions

I have a Sangoma S705 which has two extensions configured on it Account 1 and Account 2. The voicemail button is flashing because there’s a voicemail on the 2nd account. However when I select the voicemail button it loads the application and says no voicemail messages. So what’s the proper way to use this phone with two extensions both of which have voicemail?

Give this a try

In User Management you can enable multiple extensions for Phone Apps. When enabled, you will be presented with all configured users mailboxes when you press the VM app.

Or that…

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So I would go to Admin > User Management >

Then do I edit both extensions? If so what am I looking for, Phone Apps I see as a menu option. Everything is set to Inherit under the voicemail section do I enable it in here?

What is this setting inheriting it from?

In Admin -> User Management -> Edit user -> Phone Apps tab -> Voicemail tab -> Additional Voicemail Boxes.

ok great that did the trick

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