Sangoma S705 Speakerphone Button Lit, can't turn it off or answer calls

We have an S705 with a sidecar unit. About 5 times a week the speaker phone button lights up and calls cannot be answered. You can pick up the receiver and dial out, but when it’s hung back up, the light comes back on.
Pushing the button has no effect.
It clears up after 5-8 minutes or so or on a reboot.

Has anyone seen something like this before? I don’t know where to start.


You can start from Sangoma S Phone firmware update, You can see at EPM latest firmware update.

I believe I have the latest firmware loaded.

@mdavenport may have some insight at least to if they have seen this before.

I chime in when I have something valuable to add. Here, I’d just follow my heart on normal debugging procedures to try to isolate the reproduction of the problem and to look for any logging messages that looked suspicious. Lorne Gaetz is product manager for telephone products at Sangoma. Best practice is to always update to the latest firmware, if it’s available.

If the problem was recently introduced or noticed and might be associated with a change in firmware, then reverting to last-known-good state to confirm it’s good, is a good idea. If it became an issue of bisection, then I’d step my way towards determining the offending release.

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Thank you for the replies.
As far as I can tell, the latest firmware is installed (from 2022). I have not tried a different firmware, I’ll try going back a version.
I will try checking the log when it’s happening next time. But I’ve not had much luck deciphering logs.

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