Sangoma s705 slow performance

Hello Everyone,

We recently tried the latest firmware in Endpoint manager for the s705 phones. ( The phones started to become very sluggish and very slow even transferring a call. Rolling back to firmware version seems to be more stable. Are there any work arounds or tips to keep these phones running at normal speeds?

Thanks in advance.

Please create a ticket with support and report back their findings.

I ran into an issue where phones (s705, s500) would become extremely slow - they were running .72. Upgrading to .82 resulted in poor audio - first part of conversation wasn’t there, crackly audio, etc. Rolled back to .78, then back to .72 to fix this.

The workaround for the slowness was to reboot the phone periodically as it would only get slow after being up for a period of time. If a reboot fixes it for you, it’s simple to script a daily reboot of the phones.

Thanks! This is frustrating!

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