Sangoma S705 Not Updating through EPM

I have a Sangoma S705. It is mapped to an EPM template that is for this phone only. When the phone boots up from factory reset, I see the FreePBX deployment. I select the deployment and the phone reboots and provisions the phone exactly as the template is setup in EPM. The one exception is the wallpaper. That does not get applied.

After the phone is up and running, if I try to make any changes via EPM, the phone will show provisioning on the screen but will not update itself. The only way to get it to change is to factory reset and then it will grab the config.

I bet you have something wrong in your template for how it reaches the PBX for provisioning. Are you using HTTP or TFTP? You can log into the GUI of the phone and see what it has set for the config server and port and verify that is all correct.

Thanks for the reply! Here is what I see:


I also just switched the template for the S705 over to another template that I know is working on other phones. The other phones will update when I make an adjustment but the S705 remains the same.

What version of the Distro are you using. Just recently TFTP made some changes upstream that created lots of drama for large files. We just pushed a new TFTP RPM to try and revert it back today. If on SNG7 yum update to get the new RPM

PBX Firmware:12.7.5-1805-2.sng7
PBX Service Pack:

Apparently there is a bug in the firmware? I switched over to HTTP and everything works. Is HTTP generally preferred over TFTP?

It’s complicated. It comes down to TFTP from upstream RHEL just made changes into the TFTP server with the latest update. It creating issues with devices that use TFTP to transfer large files that have to take the file in chunks and than apply and request more. It’s a timeout issue and why we changed the defaults in the latest TFTP RPM we published today that works around then issue.

But in general TFTP is slow and not anywhere as reliable as HTTP just as a protocol.

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IMO yes. Apache has better logging and allows for credentials so you can actually secure your prov files.


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