Sangoma S705 does not power from PoE++

I cannot get the Sangoma S705 phones to turn on when plugged into PoE++ ports.

They work fine from PoE+ ports.

Are there any resolutions to this issue?

I have confirmed with Sangoma that their phones S series and Digium phones do not work with 802.3bt (poe++) at this time, but may allow it in the future.

I put in a new feature request, so we shall see.

In the meantime, I will have to start using different phones, where they cannot be powered by 802.3bt during our network upgrade.

No your switch should be smart enough to not send ++. Something is off on your switch if that is the case as it’s suppose to be backwards compatible.

Oh, I don’t know how the devices decide which standard to use.

We’re using UniFi switches (USW-Pro-48-PoE).

Still, that is what Sangoma support told me, and apparently their engineers know about. I’m just saying it like I heard it.

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