Sangoma S705 and S505 losing time

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The time on our Sangoma phones is always slow. The server time is correct and is looking at our NetClock for it’s time. I have provisioned the phones to look at the NetClock and the Asterisk server for their time and I get the same result either way. When the phones are rebooted the phones pull the correct time then they slowly loose time as time goes by.
I have the ReSync Time set to 8 hours (28800 seconds) but that doesn’t help, it apparently doesn’t make the phones update their time.
Is there a way to make the phones check with the time server more often than on a reboot?

(Firstfilter) #2

I don’t have any experience with Sangoma phones, but I struggled with the same problem on my Yealink phones for a while. Eventually I manually set the time server on each phone to my FreePBX server’s LAN IP. The phone now sync up perfectly with the FreePBX box.

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Would setting the time server manually on the phone do something the End Point Manager doesn’t?