Sangoma S505 registered but default screens

System installed for 3 years. Today one phone not working. Screen is default as if it was not registered. PBXact shows it is registered. Log into phone GUI and all the buttons show programmed, the accounts are registered, etc. All “looks” correct. Yet the screen looks like a brand new phone out of the box and nothing works. I have factory reset it and still the same result.

Edit: The user now says the phone can call in and out since I did the factory reset. But, the screen still remains looking like a brand new phone.

Just factory reset and re-provision

As I mentioned, did that. Phone started working but same screen.

Sounds like you don’t have the correct template assigned

The odd thing is, I have not touched this system since it was installed several years ago. This one phone started acting up. I have factory reset it several times. It picks up it’s correct config and comes up fine except for the display. If I log into the GUI I can see all of the buttons are programmed correctly, so it did get the right template. Each on screen button shows it’s correct icon and works, but the text on each button is missing.

Try updating the FW? Might just be a faulting phone. have you tested the template on another phone?

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