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Sangoma S505 Phone - When making a call the sound skips during dialing and ringing

(Charlie Karam) #1

PBX Firmware 12.7.6-1904-1.sng7
Sangoma phone S505
Vega 3000G and Vega 60G

When making internal or external calls from any Sangoma phone extension the sound during ringing will have a skip at an approximate 1 second interval. The extension being rung does not exhibit the issue. Polycom 6000 SIP conference phones do not exhibit the issue. Analog extensions on Vega gateways do not exhibit this problem. When the call is picked up the audio on both ends is fine. No call quality complaints other than low audio level. Just when initiating a call.

Correction - the issue seems to be only the S505 phone. S400 and S405 do not exhibit the issue.
The skip in the audio happens when the screen updates during the call initiation.

(Itzik) #2

Is the s505 on the latest firmware?

(Charlie Karam) #3

1.54 bundle in endpoint manager version phone says
I already have a ticket open for the S505 for low speaker phone audio and low audio outbound.