Sangoma S505 Phone - Very Low Volume

We have just purchased 25x Sangoma S505’s and they all have a very weird problem. The volume is super low on ringing and speakerphone. I think I can solve the ring problem by uploading some custom ringtones to the devices that have increased volume. But even at level 14 the speaker phone is so super low and if you are not within a foot or two of the phone forget hearing it. Does anyone have any suggestions other than returning the phones?

I appreciate any help we love the phones except for the volume issues. :smiley:

I have actually noticed the opposite. The S505 phones for us seem to ring louder than the S700 phones.

I built some very loud ringtones and I am very happy with that aspect so no complaints there. But the volume of the intercom has to be louder!

Just Sangoma S505’s and they all have a very low speaker and handset. Nobody seems to have an answer to these problems. Nothing from Sangoma tech support.

What version of firmware are you using? Is this happening on internal and external calls?

I am not the only one have these problems. Asking firmware version is just jumping in with no answer and may be saying it is the Telco problem. Take a grandstream phone System or 3CX, they don’t have that problem.

Sorry for trying to help you.

The reason I asked, is because I remember reading on the official firmware release notes improvements / fixes for low call volume on certain models.

I am not saying this is the issue. But iv’e seen issues where Trunk calls had volume issues.

Again, sorry for asking you to provide more information.

I am really sorry. I am just frustrated with Sangoma phones. I just installed 9 phones for a customer this week and the customer is complaining about the volume. The highest volume level is 14 on speaker and handset and it is not loud enough and it seems like Sangoma is not taking that seriously when so many people are saying the exact same thing.

Like @PitzKey pointed out, the firmware version of the phone could be a significant part of your problem. When the 500 series phone was introduced, there were lots of complaints about the volume and Sangoma turned a couple of firmware upgrades to turn up the volume on the phones.

You should have Commercial EPM (since you have Sangoma phones) so updating the phone firmware should be relatively simple. If that isn’t the case, you’re going to need to help us help you with more information about the specifics of your installation and what other work-arounds you’ve tried.

My users are also reporting un-useable speaker phones due to low volume. Firmware is 1.54
We have 27 deployed S505 phones. The EPM Sangoma template has options for Send Volume Handset and Handsfree but not Receive Volume

Did you read the thread and do what was suggested there?

The only suggestion I see in this thread is to update the firmware. The S505s I have are on 1.54 ( phone says the latest available. And I still have the issue.

Did you submit a ticket with Sangoma yet? We’re all just users here, so there’s really nothing we can do except say “talk to Sangoma”, and that’s hardly satisfying for anyone.


Yes I did. It is ticket 897594

I’m having same issue with S705 low volume I have change base config file same thing is very low

Thank you

Tried to follow the ticket @Chuckak

You can’t view this issue

It may have been deleted or you don’t have permission to view it.

Working with support. To test they said to download a DB meter app and test using the tone from the time announce - *60. I tested with the phone app 2 foot away from the phone. The S400 and S405 with the volume all the way up produced 72-74 DB. The S505 was less than 63 DB.
They have escalated to the next level.

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Curious. Where did you install the tester and how did you test it…?

KTW apps on Google Play (for Android) - DB Meter. Installed on my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone. I held the android phone 2 feet away from the 3 phone types being tested, even with my head. I measured the tone level when the time application played the tone. Did it 3 times for each phone type and tested several phones of each type and averaged the results.


We just ordered some S505 and 705 units and are on the latest firmware, and we agree that the handset and speakerphone volume are noticeably lower than Grandstream 21xx phones, Cisco SPA 5xx phones, and Yealink T4x phones. I have not tested against an older S500 yet but will.