Sangoma S505 (and likely the S705) LCD layout (and EXP100) questions

Hi, am new to the forum, not however to VoIP (being a Grandstream reseller).

We have an Sangoma S505 phone and PBXact, i have a few questions about the LCD layout… cant seem to find any way to prevision what i need.

  • How can i make the BLF text background transparent
  • Same transparency question for the base bar and top bar
    : the background make the phone look like 1990’s Cisco era, newer phones are way more transparency and feel very fresh and light compared to phones like the Grandstream GXP21xx generation
  • How do i set Call Record with the softkeys at the base of the screen (cant seem to find this in the EndPoint manager for the phone)
  • How do i set a “Call Park” button on the base softkey while in a call (also cant find this in EndPoint manager)

LAST, when with the EXP100 get use of the full color screen, as it is color but seems to show all labels in greyscale, seems like a huge oversight, considering the new button bar from Yealink is full color, and the EXP100 having a color screen would make sense to use it.

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