Sangoma S500 Phone randomly un-registered from freepbx

I have a customer that had a Phone system 60 installed with Sangoma S500 phones. When I first brought the system online I would notice some extensions would randomly un-register from the phone system when it was at my office. You would power cycle them and they would be fine. Now a little back story I didn’t configure this system and i’m not allowed to touch the system it’s a long story. But we are trying to find reasons to replace the person that did. I installed the system in their office a week and a half ago because the person that set it up refused to come on-site and we had a ton of issues since then but most have been resolved. Now on Monday the office managers phone indicated it was un-registered but she could still call out but couldn’t get any inbound phone calls both internal and external. She comes in yesterday and she can’t make or receive phone calls. The installer fixed it no big deal. Then today half way through the day her phone did it again. It shows un-registered on the phone you can’t call her but she can call out. Along with the above equipment they are running freepbx 13 and are using pjsip.

I personally have never experienced this issue with my installs. But I also use dell poweredge servers, yealink phones and chan-sip on my installs.

I’m wondering if anyone might have an idea what could be causing this problem. Is it the phone, is the sip protocol, or is it the network. I don’t think it’s the network because we haven’t noticed any other phones do this. Thank You.

Trying moving to chan_sip. PJSIP has come a long ways but still reports of weird issues like this and others.

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to touch or change anything on this phone system but I’m trying to make a case to let me or one of my subs to take over the phone system because this has been nothing but a mess. Thank you for the info.