Sangoma S500 + EPM 'papercuts'

Hi, i have EPM 13.0.59,
I have been setting up a couple of S500 phones, pretty-awesome …
however I got some papercuts which I need to address, or debunk whether they are real problems or PEBKAC:

  • time settings: in EPM no labels of timezones are present on time zone descriptions, if I select 0, i get winter time displayed on phone (my timezone is UK/London/Dublin) (this is possible to set in phone gui but it gets overwritten by EPM) (and in System Admin I do have Europe/Dublin set up) (and in Advanced settings I have php timezone set same also)

  • no setting in EPM for D/M/Y or 24h date and time formats (and gets overwritten by EPM) (and I can not find this kind of date format settings on FreePBX GUI)

  • wide labels type has to be set in phone web gui (luckily does not get overwritten by EPM)

  • scroll labels setting also has to be set in phone web gui (not tried whether it does get overwritten)

  • LED status settings not honoured : I wanted to set it to on/green when idle, fast/green when ringing, slow/green when call in progress (and off otherwise) but it always reverts to ‘default’ again upon provision (EPM overwrites this )

  • if I set screen saver to Time and Logo in EPM, and go back to the Options page, the EPM setting is reverted to Custom Photo (but phone shows the Logo Text and Clock correctly),

  • when I try to upload a ‘custom photo’ out of a jpg image I was greeted with a gd related whoops upon config rebuild (but when I uploaded a .png with same picture, it worked)

  • there is no way in EPM to set the Logo Text (which leads to the phone showing ‘Phone Unconfigured’ when the Time and Logo screensaver goes on…) (luckily the LogoText is not overwritten by EPM so possible to fix via web gui)

So the way around that for me, was to partially (template) provision with EPM, then take the provision server URL off and correct the rest of them by hand.

Is anything different/improved in edge track of EPM regarding the S500’s in the areas above ?

Since you’re running EPM 13.0.59, you are already running the latest edge version. Most of the above appear to be valid bugs or feature requests. If there are no current tickets covering what you want file at

  • Time zone, fix soon
  • date format, file a feature request
  • wide labels, you can file a feature request or edit the basefile to use wide labels
  • not sure what scroll labels are
  • LED customization, file a feature request or edit the template basefile
  • Time and logo - bug report
  • custom photo, pretty sure this is a known issue but can’t find the ticket
  • set logo test, file a feature request
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Hi Lorne,

thanks, noted.

in EPM: go edit a template -> options tab -> 9th option from the top "Label Scrolling"
vs in the phone interface ( http://phoneip/phone.html) “Line Lable Scroll” (sic) (second option from the bottom)
(that is if I am right, of course)

Will be filing these.

Kind Regards,
L. (label scrolling)


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For some of the setting that are not in the EPM interface generally edit the base config template file (sorry forgot the exact term)

Log into the phone, export the config. Make one change. Export the config again and compare the two files. That gives me the exact option to adjust in the template.

We just started testing the S500, so far we’ve been impressed as well. Few minor quirks and design flaws but overall good.

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Thanks, I will attach diffs to the tickets I have opened.
(but not today or tomorrow, b/c of real-life)