Sangoma S500 Call Waiting Notification Question

On the S500, when call waiting kicks in the receiving extension can’t see the full #, just

Incoming call: CALLER ID11

You can only see 11 digits of the name and no phone number. Can this behavior be adjusted? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it.

On most phones I’ve dealt with you can get the Name and number displayed on call waiting and that’s what the user wants. Obviously sometimes cell phones display WIRELESS CALLER and you can’t gather who it actually is because the # is hidden.

And I tried removing the bottom buttons just for kicks, and the text is still limited to the center as shown in the previous picture.

And I just realized pressing the DOWN key shows the full caller ID. Would still be nice to have an option to always have it without the keypress… let me know if I need to do a basefile edit, adjust a setting or submit a feature request.

The issue we dont have the space on the screen with all the different states you could be in on a call. That is why we provide the down button as a option to get it all.

You can open a feature request maybe we could put the incoming call on the line above but on a long caller ID it still would be partially chopped off.

My Polycom just removes the call screen and shows the full screen with the caller ID, number. That would definitely be better. It would be nice to have the option, that’s all. I think every SIP phone I’ve ever used with the exception of the Sangoma worked like this.

I think an option to remove that silly picture camera icon would be great. There’s no way to remove it and no client I’ve worked with wanted it. That would reclaim some space.

I suppose I’ll submit a feature request then.

Here’s what my Polycom does. I was on a call and called in.

Sorry but that picture has to stay. It’s the holidng spot for our Picture Caller ID that we support and tons of our customers love and one of the big selling features we get feedback on after phone apps.

As stated we can’t clear that screen like you want because of all the advanced things we do with apps and such the state can’t ever truly be known since lots of things can be happening on a call but I think we can move it to 2 lines.