Sangoma S500 Background Image

I’m trying to change the background image on a S500.

Image is a .jpg 480x320.

I’ve uploaded to ‘Image Management’ and selected the image in options>background image within endpoint manager.

I’ve done save/rebuild configs/update phones and rebooted the phone. Image does not change from the stock image.

To where and what permissions did you set? There may also be problems with the image that one of the Sangoma folks can expand on.

@cynjut uploading to image management means he is using EPM. EPM places the file and sets the security parameters of the file.

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@cynjut - I don’t know quite what you mean by where and what permissions did I set. I’m new to freepbx.

Like frankb be said I did everything through EPM - in fact I followed the sangoma wiki on how to change the background image step by step.

Anything else you guys can think of that I may be doing incorrectly or someone from sangoma on the forums that can offer any assistance. Thanks in advance!

Exporting as a .png worked

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Ran into a similar issue. make its its a PNG, and no more than 256KB and it will be all good.