Sangoma s305 & s405 inbound caller ID Number not showing on display

Hello Everyone,

Looking for some creative solutions. I have a bunch of Sangoma s305 & s405 phones that only show inbound caller ID NAME once call is answered. When the phone is ringing the display shows inbound caller ID NUMBER.

I can confirm in the call history that both caller ID NAME & NUMBER are sent to the phones. The S705 phones show both name & number when call is answered.

We really want to show the caller ID number instead of the name once call is anwered!

I opened a ticket with support and they confirmed this. I submitted a feature request.

Support gave the idea of:
Create a customer dial plan that would replace the name with the number universally for the trunk so everyone would lose the caller name.

Any idea how to modify the trunk dial plan to replace the name with number?

Any other ideas?

You can do this with Caller ID Superfecta using the ‘Abandon Lookup’ module by itself. There is an option to sub the CID number for the name.

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Thanks that worked. I also had to revise the inbound route to use the Superfecta Scheme: “Default” instead of “ALL”.

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