Sangoma S305 "Fails to Authenticate" and "Registration Failed"

I have repeatedly tried to provision my new S305 phone. However, I cannot get it to register to an extension. I’ve tried using the End Point Manager to configure it before plugging it in, manually entering all the details, but nothing is working.

I’ve looked at other forum posts and tried everything, and nothing is making the phone work. How on Earth do I get this phone to connect to my extension?

Describe “everything”. There are thousands of people that are doing this every day, so it’s got to be a step you’re missing. If you describe your process and assumptions, we should be able to point you in the right direction.

Problem’s been solved. Had a certain box unchecked that was causing the issue. However I am creating a new post momentarily regarding the Google Voice configuration.

Perhaps you would like to share, was it option 66 override?

AFAIK GV with Asterisk is completely dead.

The option that was wrong was “User ID is Phone Number”. It was set to “no” which was the problem.

I’m not so sure that GV with Asterisk is dead because when I set it up using OAuth2, it did update itself to say “connected,” but it might not work anyways…

Yeah, no it’s not going to work.

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