Sangoma S300 setup issues

just purchased a sangoma S300 to check them out. Historically I’ve used Digiums phones with DPMA and like them.

Have FreePBX Distro firmware 10.13.66-15

Was able to get the phone registered at the portal, set it up in end point manager, it seems to get it’s config fine (it has the right extension number displayed) however I can’t make any calls to or from it. When I dial another extension from the phone I get dead air. when I dial the extension from another phone I get sent straight to the unavailable voicemail, no ring at all.

Can anyone suggest something I might have missed in my config?

Are you sure your have your template setup with the correct IP of your PBX. Sounds like the phone is not registered like you dont have the destination IP defined in the template.

yeah, it’s in there. Destination address = local IP of PBX.

The one odd thing I do have is that my sip port on my pbx is 5070, not 5060 and I’m wondering if that has something to do with it. Not sure where I’d set a non standard sip port in the template though…

The SIP Port is pulled into the phone bases on what you have defines in sip settings module in FreePBX

Well that takes that off the table. Its definitely a network issue somewhere. If I do a network scan in endpoint manager nothing shows up. when I make changes to the phone model profile or template and push it the phone doesn’t update.

Ok well network scan wont show that phone if its been mapped in End Point Manager under Extension Mapping.

Secondly if the phone is not registered to the PBX and you tell it tup push configs it wont update as we need the phone connected to the PBX for that to happen.

Log into the Phone GUI and under Account Tab Basic does it show the correct information on how to register to your PBX?

yep, was already in the gui as you were responding. The phone was not registered. I manually entered in the sip server address and port in the phone web gui and it registered. calls now go out and come in.

What’s odd is that at least at some point it did do the zero configuration though the portal because it did receive it’s extension number etc…

next weird thing is the ring on the phone sounds like a ringback tone…

If you dont have the SIP Server or port defined in the phone that means your template your phone is using does not have a IP defined or at the time the config is written it was not defined in the template. I suggest you go re-save your template and have it rebuild the configs at the bottom.