Sangoma S 206


I am experiencing the following problem.
When i ve my phone on-hook and i am lowering the ringer volume lets say to 3.After i am receiving a phone call the ringer volume goes back to tis maximum.
These phones are in a group by the way.

is there any way to control this ?

I am using a sangoma-default template for all sangoma phones i ve in my network.

Also can i control the mic volume because our customers complain that they cannnot hear us.


For the volume resetting, take a look at your ring group’s settings. There is a “ringer volume override” setting that can be set for Sangoma phones. As for the mic volumes, try modifying the sangoma-default template. In the Options section, you’ll find some Send Volume options. This might work for your situation, but there may be better solutions depending on the issue. For example, if internal calls sound fine, and only external calls over POTS lines have low volume on transmitted audio, I’d probably try adjusting things elsewhere.

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