Sangoma RT API service exhausting resources

Sangoma RT API adds an AMI user called srtapi_amidefault which subscribes to all manager events and leaves dozens of connections open to Asterisk.

After a while, this condition eats up Asterisk and drives system load through the roof and causes the system to perform poorly.

fwconsole pm2 --restart sangomartapi closes all the manager connections and relieves the situation for a day.

Something’s buggy, keeping all those connections open. But beyond that, I’m trying to understand the purpose of this AMI user which subscribes to the entire suite of events, especially considering there are more tightly scoped srtapi manager users present, e.g. sangomartapi_conference , srtapi_queue_events etc.

Anyone have insight? How can I optimize this?

This issue has been reported and fixed in the following versions (edge):
sangomartapi v15.0.53.28 | sangomartapi v16.0.46.28

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