Sangoma remote phone not registering IP (Verizon Fios Router G1100)

I have an end user that just moved to a strictly work from home situation so she is no longer in the office. She was currently using a Sangoma S500 phone which is setup for VPN using FreePBX VPN Server. She moved into her new house and hooked everything up but said she wasn’t able to place inbound/outbound calls. First thing I checked was System Admin > VPN Server and noticed Client IP showed “Not Connected” and under Connected is also showed “Not Connected”.

I asked her to send me a couple pics of how she had everything setup and she had the network cable from the “Internet” port on the phone running into the WAN port on her Fios G1100 router instead of one of the four available LAN ports. I asked her to plug into one of the four open LAN ports - reboot the phone and let me know what happened. She said same issue - no inbound or outbound calls. Had her check the IP address of the phone and showing for IPv4.

So we removed the network cable from the “Internet” port on her phone and plugged that directly into her laptop - no network connection. So I told her there was an issue with her ISP’s router and she needed to call Fios. She ended up calling them and not sure what exactly they did but she now is able to obtain a network connection on her laptop when plugging into one of the four available LAN ports.

At this point I figured we were good to go so I had her remove the network cable from her laptop and had her plug back into the “Internet” port on her phone but the issue is still there. I can’t do much if the phone isn’t obtaining an IP address. So I did a little googling regarding voip phones not working or issues with voip phones and the G1100 router and there are tons and tons of threads with people having similar issues. Based on what I am reading, you can’t disable SIP alg (which sounds like this being enabled might be the culprit).

Curious if anyone here has ran into a similar situation?

I think it will help to see a sip packet trace to see what’s going on while the phone tries to register. Once the trace starts, you can try waiting for the next registration attempt, but it might be easier to just have them reboot the phone once the trace has started.

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