Sangoma Redirect Potential Issue

I’ve had some good luck with zero touch provisioning on s500 but for some reason having an issue on this latest batch. I have the phone MAC addresses set up in the portal with redirection over HTTP to a FreePBX. The phone MAC addresses aren’t in FreePBX so I would expect to see the login buttons like I have on my past couple deployments but the screen is blank.

I believe there was a bug for HTTPS on the firmware currently present on this phone and I see this in the log files

HTTPS get cfgMACADDRESS.xml from Fail
I also see a ton of 404 not found.

I can confirm that in the Sangoma Portal this phone should be using HTTP so not sure why it’s forcing HTTPS or if I’m reading that wrong…

Phone Firmware:
BOOT– 11:10:00)
IMG– 13:51:00)
ROM– 19:52:00)
DSP–9.0.3(Patch 1.0.0)

If I set DHCP option 66 with the same info in the Sangoma portal (copy/paste) the phone finds it way no problem. The only issue with that is I have some locations where I won’t be able to control DHCP which is why having the redirect service is critical to us.

When I put these phones in the portal I originally chose HTTPS and once I found a potential bug from another forum post I changed to HTTP. Could it be hung somewhere in the redirect service and not changing? Any help would be greatly appreciated and if there’s any advice from the community on how I should raise this potential issue to Sangoma, please let me know.


  1. I tried deleting the phone and readd in the portal.

  2. I put the phone on the outside of my network. It received a public DHCP address and had the same problem. Hopefully this eliminates any concerns of an internal network problem.

  3. In the portal I do in fact have redirect checked with the correct URL with user/pass credentials.

  4. I changed to no authentication on FreePBX and removed credentials from Sangoma portal.

No changes…

I have an existing Sangoma phone that has been working on my system. If I change the redirect in the portal to point to this new system and factory default my phone it arrives at the login screen no problem.

It’s your firmware. It’s to old to support username and password with authentication for http or HTTPS You need to update the firmware.

I can confirm that upgrading the firmware resolved this issue. Unfortunately, this is how the phones came from the distributor making this deployment not so zero-touch. Even when removing the username/password it still didn’t find it’s way.