Sangoma Portal: Invalid Login Information?

Is anyone else having trouble logging into the Sangoma Portal? I just logged in yesterday, but today it is giving me an error with Invalid Login Information. I know it’s not invalid, because I copy everything from Bitwarden. Also, when I tried to reset the password, I never received the email for password reset. I’m a little concerned at this point and hoping that there is just a glitch in the website.

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And I did submit a ticket.

I also cannot log into the portal. I did get the password reset email and reset my password but can’t log in with the new one.

I tried to sign in with Identity, and when I put in my email it says the user does not exist.

Hopefully it is just a short term glitch. I’m getting a little nervous, but I haven’t received any emails that anything has changed on my account, so it seems likely to be a glitch.

I see that some portal maintenance has been done overnight which may have affected your accounts. Please PM me with your account login names and i will investigate.

This was fixed after I messaged Lorne. Thanks!

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