Sangoma Phones Not Registering

Our internal phone system has Yealink and 2 sangoma phones (S500 and an S700). This has happened once before and rebooting the phone server fixed it but that cant be the anwser.

I come in after the weekend and the 2 Sangoma phones are unregistered. All other phones on the network are working with no problems. They are all chan_sip. Rebooting the phones does not fix it.

I don’t see any attempts from the phone to register to the phone system.

Edit: If I setup my extension on my cell phone in Zoiper it works with no issues. So I am not sure where to look here

What is the Sangoma phone firmware version? Have you investigated System Admin, Intrusion Detection or Connectivity Firewall for the possibility that the phones are being banned/blocked by the firewall?


Intrusion Detection: Our Local LAN is Whitelisted and nothing is in banned

I just added our Network from Trusted Local to Trusted Excluded and still nothing
Our Interface is set to Local(Local trusted Traffic)

This is on a PBXact unit running firmware .20

Well your firmware is pretty recent so updating will probably not change anything. I think you should open a commercial support ticket of type “PBXact UC Bug Report Assistance”, so we can see first hand what’s going on.

I opened one. Thanks

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I have been having similar problems once in a while. It seem that when this happens, I have to log into the phone GUI and in the account page, check the box to use a random port. Once I do this and save, the phone registers immediately. We use Sangoma S500 phones. Not sure if this will help but worth a shot. I remember reading somewhere that this option will eventually be added to EPM which will hopefully prevent this issue for me.


That doesn’t make sense. Are you using updated firmware and EPM and updated configs for your phone.

Yes. I always run the latest firmware and always update my server with the latest updates. I am no expert by any means but I just wanted to share my experience. Maybe it is my firewall/router. Can’t say. It just seemed like the exact symptoms that I was having. I would login to the phone and everything would come up (wallpaper, assigned buttons) but the line buttons had red lines through them. Reboot… Same thing. No activity in ssh (asterisk -rvvv). Log into GUI and go to the account tab where it says Registration Failed. Check that box and save. Boom. Registered. I am only talking about 2 phones out of 30 so I really don’t pay much mind to it. And I never want to bother you guys with simple stuff cause on behalf of myself and my company, we are grateful for this wonderful project and getting us away from Avaya and everything that came along with that. We thank you Tony, Andrew, and everyone else!


You should not ever have to do something like that. Can you open a support ticket and attach the logs from a phone when its behaving like that. I would like to see whats going on for you.

Its weird its two phones. Are the other 28 on the same network and switch?

We have 2 offices. One in NY and one in WV. We have about 4 remote users who work from home and they have had no issues. So far it has only happened on one phone in WV and my phone in NY. So different switches, firewalls, etc…I will try to uncheck the option on my phone tomorrow and see if I can reproduce it and do a PCAP. Again, for us, it is not a big deal. Thanks for you help. I would be curious if @jessy5765 would try checking that box though to see if it makes any difference. It’s worth a shot.

I actually turned off the firewall built into PBXact and they both registered immediately. I turned the firewall back on and its stayed since then. Its only been 3 days however. Last time it took a week. So i am pointing at the firewall acting up after a certain period of time.

@lgaetz Logged into it and said the configs looked fine on it and when it happened again to reopen the ticket.

I seem to be having this same exact issue with 2 phones out of about 120. These phones are in different locations registered over the internet like the rest of my deployment of about 25 locations. A few times I’ve been able to delete the endpoint in EPM and then readd and it worked. Another time I removed from EPM then had to delete and recreate extension, etc for it to come back. I’ve now done those things again and tried checking this random port box with no luck. Doesn’t appear to be blocked from the firewall

This is on PBXact firmware: 10.13.66-20