Sangoma phones 1 hour off after updates

Current PBX Version:
Current System Version:12.7.8-2012-1.sng7
S505 and S405 phones showing 1 hour off.
FreePBX server time is correct and receiving time from NTP server.
Daylight savings time is set to start 2nd Sunday in March.
Had to disable daylight savings time in each Sangoma phone profile in Endpoint Manager.
Something is broken…

This seems to be a Daylight Savings time configuration error in the Endpoint Manager version

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Support Ticket 977027 opened for this issue.

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Was just about to post about this also and have this same issue with Sangoma desk phones. The system time is correct and timezone etc…

By the time they fix it, it will be DST and the phones will be showing the correct time anyhow, so you won’t know until next year.

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