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Lorne, I am having a client who is using Sangoma Phone, the softphone and its not refreshing after the voicemails are deleted, so they have to go up to menu and reload the screen. Is there anything I can check or any guidance? thanks. They are on newest version of client as well as stable module

This is probably not the best way to get help with this, especially not asking directly for Lorne. Since Sangoma Phone/Talk licenses are a paid feature you should be able to open up a support ticket for this at

What specific action is the user doing to delete the voicemail?

Sorry, I thought this was a direct message to Lorne. I tried posting on the forums and nobody had replied, so that was why I tried this method

Clicking on voicemail, the 3 dots then delete.

Working for me using client ver 3.9.2 on Windows and sangomaconnect module version

I have Sangoma Phone desktop open and looking at the VM list.

  1. New unread message automatically shows up in list with zero user action within a few seconds of the message being finished.
  2. Listening to an unread vm from another device, not touching Sangoma Phone, message changes to read within several seconds automatically with no action from user
  3. Deleting a vm from another device, not touching Sangoma Phone, message is automatically removed from list after delay (7ish seconds)
  4. Deleting a vm directly using Sangoma Phone (three vertical dots) message is automatically removed from the list within a few seconds.

Looks like a support issue, I’m unable to repro the report with what I have in front of me. You can look for errors in /var/log/asterisk either in the sangomaconnect* or sangomartapi* files that coincide with the delete action.

Thank you

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