Sangoma Phone w/ Elastix4

So I am pretty sure I know the answer but is it possible to use the Sangoma S700 and S300 phones with Elastix4. EPM will not install on Elastix4, I have been able to get the phone to connect to pbx, it can dial out no problem, it gets voicemail notification and can check voicemails. Every once in awhile after saving changes to the phones configuration (by logging directly into the phones IP) it will allow for an inbound extension to extension call but all other times it goes straight to voicemail.

So all this to find out 1. Is it possible to use this phone with an Elastix4 pbx. 2. If so any tips on what I might be missing in the configuration setting…seems like a nat issue but setup on Sangoma phones is quite different than Grandstream, Yealink and Polycom…so might be missing something stupid.

Thanks in advance.

It’s probably possible, but since there is zero support for such a configuration I expect you won’t find many others with a similar setup that can assist you. I would say your larger issue is to put a plan in pace to transition to a system that is actually supportable, and not abandoned by its creators, this script can help when that time comes:

Thanks Igaetz! Plans are already in motion.