Sangoma phone - slow delete on Visual Voicemail

FreePBX 15. Everything functions on the P-325 desk phone, for example contacts show up, parking lot shows up, voicemails show up and play. Phone calls work. However, when I delete a voicemail on the desk phone screen, it takes about 10 seconds after I delete it before it disappears. So, the user thinks that the delete didn’t actually happen. I assume that it deletes it from the server and then then phone refreshes the display after some time maybe? Everything is local, all plugged into the same gigabit switch.

Hi @userjf Thank you for reporting this issue. We were able to reproduce this issue and raised the jira for tracking. [FREEPBX-23904] Sangoma Phone (32X) -Slow fetching Visual Voicemail status. - Sangoma Issue Tracker

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I see that this issue was fixed a few days ago for FreePBX v16, but I am using v15. Can this also be fixed in v15?

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