Sangoma Phone Quality Thoughts

Yea that was changed over a year ago. Literally after the first batch of phones were made. Where are you buying your phones from?

Directly from sangoma

I suggest you open a ticket with as that should not be happening and we can lookup the serial number and see whats going on.

Has anybody else had issues with the S500 and S700 phones freezing? Happens in and out of phone calls, but not to our other models like our Polycom or softphones. The display freezes for about 10 seconds, and if you’re in a call, one of the parties sounds glitchy. Sometimes happens once in a 30 minute phone call, other times it’s 5 times in a 2 minute call.

Curious if you’re supplying the phone with power from poe source or AC wall adapter?

PoE source

What firmware are you using? We had. Issue with BLFs causing the SIP Stack some issues months ago but fixed in firmware along time ago.

Can you try with an AC adapter for a few days to weeks?

It is a possibility that the phone isn’t receiving a steady stream of power.

I know you may have to purchase an AC adapter but just for one phone to test it might be worth it.

If you do decide to try this make sure the phone is hooked up to a non-poe switch port. Not sure on the phones algorithm for how it decided which power source to use.

Product Model S500
Firmware Version BOOT– 11:10:00)
IMG– 16:43:00)
ROM– 16:43:00)
DSP–9.0.3(Patch 1.0.0)

Trying the AC adapter. We’ll see what happens.

Feel free to open a support ticket under phone department as and include the config from the phone GUI and full logs from the phone.

Hey guys can we steer the forum back in line. :slight_smile: This is about Phone quality and thoughts on the features ups/downs not troubleshooting a freezing issue, please create a new thread for that. :slight_smile:

Question about the Expansion module. It looks fantastic and is pretty responsive. But why is the cableing a passthrough setup instead of the just branching out from the main phone. Does the sidecar get its own IP address?

It is a cablenpass through. It has to use the network port because of the sheer amount of data that has to pass. It does not get it’s own IP.

UPDATE: It ended up being a PoE issue. It was resolved by upgrading the firmware of our Dell N3000 and N1500 switches and installing the latest S500/S700 firmware on the phones.


Is there any place that we can buy some replacement rubber feet? I added an EXP100 to my S500. The S500 is missing the rubber feet so the phone sits crooked. It is activating my OCD.

Contact customer service at and I bet they will ship you a few for free by ground. We do sell them as replacent parts sorry but we have some for refurb purposes.

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