Sangoma phone / phone apps / extension with no voicemail

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I just purchased some sangoma phones (for the easy VPN setup and remote workers).

The phone apps voicemail is cool!

We have a main office number and single voicemail.

I was able to get BLF working & the phone apps working so that I could access that voicemail from any phone. However, it required me to have voicemail enabled for that extension too.

Is there a way around having extensions on every phone for Phone Apps when they really share the same voicemail box?

Or, like my last two requests here - am I just being stupid due to being stuck at home.


Edit - or, at least for our receptionist that has a phone on desk at work and now one at home, should I be using multiple registrations with PJSIP? I know - lots of trade offs both ways.

Multiple phones for the same person should be using single PJSIP endpoint with multiple contacts (IMO) which nicely solves the VM issue. Unfortunately, it complicates emergency dialing as at present there is no native mechanism to presenting different outgoing CID from two different contacts.

Not stupid, this is a limitation of the phone App. I was very sure there was a feature request to support this scenario, but can’t find it at the moment. Feel free to file again using the method here:

Thank you. I decided to stay with multiple extensions instead of multiple contacts for the PJSIP endpoint. Better control for me and I’m using queues, so the phone doesn’t ring unless necessary.

I did find a feature request. Thanks for the pointer!

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