Sangoma Phone dial plan?


Very new to this, can anyone tell me what the dial plan should be on the Sangoma S300/500/700 phones if i wanted the phones to auto dial any number between 500-600 without the need to press send or #, and to require them to press 9 to get an outside line?

I tried my best, googled around a bit, but failed to get it to do anything at all >_<


This wouldn’t be a dial-plan option - this is part of your outbound route setup.

On the other hand, please don’t do that. There’s no reason to “dial 9 for an outside line” when using FreePBX. It’s just extra work for the people using your system and more work for the system to simulate something it doesn’t need to do.

i looked at this yesterday. for some reason sangoma, in the paid end point manager turns off the digit timeout. this means that if you first pick up the handset and then dial you must press send to initiate the call. so there are two solutions to this problem. first and easiest is a training issue - train your users to first dial and then pick up the handset or edit the basefile for the templates you are using and set the digit timeout to something like 3 seconds.

this will work even if you do require them to press 9 for an outside line. your outbound route would typically be the place to strip the 9 as Dave said.

So there’s no 5xxS0 type dial plan for Sangomas at all? That’s going to cause me some serious issues.

Oh man i can’t believe it was so damn simple! I feel like such a dunce, but at the same time so happy it works…
{5xx} auto dials any 500-600 number. I must have tried every variation along those same lines but never something that basic.

glad to know you got it working

We do not disable this. We let you set this under options in EPM

i did not mean you purposely disabled it, but the default is set to 0 which means the timer is off.