Sangoma Phone Desktop Softphone

I’m looking to replace Bria as our softphone solution as it’s been EoL for some time and now we’re running up against not having enough licenses for new users.
We’ll be rolling out to ~150 people immediately after verifying everything works as expected but so far I’m seeing two items I’d like to not require the end users to configure.

The first being the server, obviously it’s not a hard thing for them to fill out ( but just another thing they’d have to look up and enter it . Only requiring user credentials is very easy as we sync from AD, so it’s the same credentials they use elsewhere.

The next being the Call Pop Up. Again just one more thing to have the user not be involved in is ideal. If we could enable and have it filled out without their interaction, that’s ideal.

Any method of making this happen is fine by me, registry edits, powershell, whatever. I can get this setup to be deployed along with the installation of the softphone.

To toss one more thing on that’s for us on the back end. Enable Sangoma Phone at a group level, not per user. For the upfront batch, it’s no big deal, but it’s just one more step helpdesk will have to work through on user creation for departments that get a softphone.

As far as I know there is no possibility to pre fill the server field in Sangoma Phone Desktop. I assume this setting is saved somewhere in the AppData folder of the user (on Windows). I also tried to automate it but I could not find any plain text file for this setting nor could I find any setting in the registry.

Also I could not find any setting for enabling Sangoma Phone per group. I know it was possible with the old Zulu client. But for Sangoma Phone there is missing this setting when you edit a group in FreePBX.

What do you mean by filling out the Call Pop Up? Do you mean showing the name of a caller instead of the number? Sangoma Phone Desktop uses the Contact Manager to resolve names by default.

Yeah I was able to find they used leveldb for a lot of the storage but even copying over the database to a brand new install before opening causes it to just create a new database and not use the existing database.

And for call pop, just the same thing, being able to have that prefilled out with the proper URL format.

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