Sangoma Phone desktop softphone headset support

Not sure where this question belongs so I’ll just post it here. Are there any headsets other than Sangoma’s that would integrate fully with the Sangoma Phone desktop app?

Jabra’s for example aren’t able to pick up an incoming call or hang up a call in progress with the button on the headset.

I guess I am not even sure if this is something on the software client or on the hardware manufacturer to implement.

I feel like the adaption of the desktop app among our deployments would be much greater (especially with the new Queues features coming to the software that look pretty attractive for use in a call center) if a wider range of headsets was fully supported and am just curios if it’s just something we are missing about how these headsets or the software needs to be configured.

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Yeah it’s a bummer that there is no support for other big headset vendors like Plantronics or Jabra. Funny thing is when you look into the application directory of Sangome Phone Desktop you can find the Jabra Node.js SDK in the node_modules folder. So it looks like they had the plans to implement Jabra support. But honestly I have lost hope. Also we have sometimes the issue when you push on one of the buttons on our Jabra Evolve2 65 headset Sangoma Phone Desktop just suddenly starts ringing . The only thing to stop the ringing sound is to exit the application and restart it.

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