Sangoma Phone Desktop... losing some hairs


Losing my mind on this quirk…

Internal network:
Sangoma Talk - works 100%
Sangoma Phone Desktop - works 100%

Sangoma Talk App - works 100%

Sangoma Phone Desktop - connects, favorites display, make calls receive calls… BUT… no audio both ways when on an external network.

cannot find where i’m going wrong…
Firewall port 6443 tcp opened.
ports 10000 - 20000 UDP opened.

not sure what i missed,


You’ll need to provide some packet capture of an example phone call without any audio before anyone will be able to help.

Thanks for your assistance.

i setup a 2nd machine to do the debug capture and the primary machine is connected to a nexternal / hotspot network

interesting when i tried a call on from the “internal” network – no errors were noticed, as mentioned – everything is working.

when i flipped to the external network, an error was observed:

in regards to “Error sending STUN request: network is unreachable”, then right below it is attempting to play the “unavail.wav” message

i have specified in teh SIP settings, not sure why this is occuring…
i can ping it from my system - it returns the ip6 address…


I resolved the stun issue, but still no audio…