Sangoma Phone Desktop dependencies

We have a problem with Sangoma Phone on pc:

This morning, while trying to use Sangoma Phone on a Desktop, it gave the error I searched the forum and I found some information regarding the contact manager. This is not our issue.

Sangoma Connect depends on the module “Sangoma Realtime API”, which itself depends on the module “Phones Apps”. Currently, Sangoma Realtime API is disabled because it needs a higher version of Phone Apps. In the past, we bought the Phone Apps module to do some tests. I wasn’t what we needed so we never renewed it. Now we are stuck with an outdated version of Phone Apps that is preventing Sangoma Connect from working. Phone Apps is not updating because it’s licence is expired.

We do not have this issue on other systems because the Phone Apps module updates itself without any licence. Once you buy a licence, it seems like you are stuck with maintenance renewals forever, even if you don’t need the product anymore.

Is there a way to delete the licence information (maybe through the portal) for a specfic module ?

Reach out to customer support and ask them to remove the paid license from your instance/activation.

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You can request that unneeded licenses be removed from your deployment with a support ticket.

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Thanks for your replies. I will open a ticket.

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