Sangoma Phone Desktop Client Forgot Password link broken

Client purchase the softphone package, FreePBX Softphones 20 User 1 Year License, and we have deployed both the dekstop and mobile device client and it work awesome and simple for users.

A User was trying to login to his Sangoma Talk desktop softphone client and he has forgoten his password. He used the “forgot password” and the link reported it could not be found. We investgated further and found the the URL issued com:4443/?forgot=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx doesn’t work but if we modify it to: : /ucp/?forgot=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx … it works.

This issue appears to be only present when HTTPS is enabled and for the Sangoma Talk setup, it was required

I’m unable to repro this with the details provided. Which specific ‘forgot password’ link does the user click? The one that shows on the Sangoma Phone desktop login form?

Hi Lorne. I’m able to replicate this error when pressing “forgot password” within the Sangoma Phone Desktop client and then pressing “Go to Password Reset” … that redirects me to

from there i get:

403 Forbidden

Request forbidden by administrative rules.

FYI: I am able to successfully reset a user password through the UCP process.

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