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I use Sangoma Phoma Desktop with about 1000 licenses, currently at version 3.9.3 but I think there are still too many bugs.

For example

By activating the queue display option as described here

there is a drawback, i.e. an agent in queue (queue 905) is named with the name of another queue. The agent is 450 but appears with the queue name 909!

but in freepbx settings i have


and as proof


reading from /var/log/asterisk/sangomartapi/rtapi_feauture_log.log results

2023-06-14T07:34:20.305Z [kickstart.js:_0x4c0e40:1]
[queue_app Q:905] Agent Name has logged out of the queue.
(UserId: 909,CallsTaken: 0, LoginTime: 1686669766).

2023-06-14T07:34:20.308Z [kickstart.js:_0x1a57a4.:1]
[queue_app Agent:Reload] Agents reload started.

2023-06-14T07:34:20.312Z [kickstart.js:_0x529c81.:1]
[queue_app Q:905] Setting Agent Info for agent 880 (287).
{call_queue_member_id : 513, queue_position: 1, loggedin : 0, queue_name : Telefonia }

2023-06-14T07:34:20.313Z [kickstart.js:_0x529c81.:1]
[queue_app Q:905] Setting Agent Info for agent 909 (450).
{call_queue_member_id : 514, queue_position: 1, loggedin : 0, queue_name : Telefonia }

2023-06-14T07:34:20.313Z [kickstart.js:_0x48c67d.:1]
[queue_app Q:905] Agent 909 (450) logout.

Thus the agent with extension 450 is identified as 909 and since the extension 909 is also a queue, in the list of agents in queue it is identified with the name of another queue!

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but in the Contact Manager module, the id 909 is related to extension 450


Another problem is the number of operators in the queue

I read often


i actually have 19 operators in queue, but what is 43? I don’t have 43 dynamic agents either, where do you read the number 43 from?

Again…there is a GUI problem, if I have for example 19 users I can scroll down to 16.

In the end, in Sangoma Phone Desktop Client Queues - Sangoma Softphones - Documentation
i can read :

"If the user has Queue Call Control permission, following set of options will become available to the user once a call is answered by another member.

Monitor : The user can listen to the call without interfering.
Whisper : The user will be able to talk with the agent and vice versa. The customer on the call won’t be able to hear the conversation between the user and the agent.
Barge : The user can join the call and talk with both the agent and the customer.

Ok…but where is Queue Call Control permission in Freepbx ???

I reply myself
according to Tech support

  • in SPD Queue view the wrong “names” are shown for logged in agents (show the number of a different queue instead of agent’s extension or name)

This has been reported by other customers as well and has been fixed.
Please update the Sangoma Phone Desktop app to the latest version. You can download the latest version here: Releases · sangoma/desktop-softphone · GitHub

You also need to make sure the “sangomartapi” module is updated as that contains part of the fix.

If you are running FreePBX / PBXact version 15, run this command on the PBX console:
fwconsole ma downloadinstall sangomartapi --edge --tag

If you are running FreePBX / PBXact version 16, use this command:
fwconsole ma downloadinstall sangomartapi --edge --tag

BUT i have corretct realease, problem still here

  • number of agents in the queue is shown wrong. It shows “19 of 43”. There are only 19 agents, not sure where the “43” comes from.

We have fixed several display issues, but I don’t see this one mentioned specifically. Please let me know if this issue still occurs after updating. If yes, we will investigate further.

  • with 19 agents logged in, it is only possible to scroll down to agent 16. The remaining 3 agents cannot be shown.

This has also been reported by other customers. We are currently working on a fix, but it is not yet available.

  • can’t find “Queue Call Control” permission in PBX settings

I see what you mean. The setting is mentioned in the Wiki article, but even the screenshot in hat same article does not have this setting.
I will investigate and get back to you. Perhaps this is planned for a future software release and we have already added it to the Wiki a little too early.

installed Sangoma Phone Desktop 4.0.0-Alpha 14

  1. number of agents in the queue now is correct

  2. “Queue Call Control” will be activated in next release

3) the scroll problem is still present

4) Queue view the wrong “names” are shown for logged in agents (show the number of a different queue instead of agent’s extension or name)

after having also installed the alpha 15 version some problems remained, such as the impossibility of scrolling.

i think i found the bug.

If in the userman_user mysql table the user id is also a queue, the operator name is replaced in sangoma phone with that of the queue

For example ID 923, user John Doe, extension 852

if 923 is ALSO the extension of a queue Sangoma Phone automatically associates 923 with 852 and writes the name of the queue !!


many bugs partially fixed with an Edge update

Thanks for posting all of this. Call monitor/barge is something we’ve been wanting, and it looks like it’s coming.

Have you experienced issues with the ring volume settings in the app? We have ours set to the lowest before being muted, but each time we open the app, we have to toggle it up then back down for it to take effect. Otherwise, it defaults to a louder setting despite what the GUI initially shows.

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Thank you for the report about this issue.

Yes. I have already opened a ticket half a year ago for this issue (11. Jan 23). The current status of this ticket is still on “Escalated”.

Besides that there are still a lot more bugs like:

  • When you are calling some endpoint who is busy there is no busy signal sound in Sangoma Phone Desktop. It just instantly ends the call. (Opened a ticket more than a year ago)
  • Missing prefix on incoming calls when the caller is in your contact list. So when a contact calls a ring group and you added a prefix to the ring group the prefix is missing in Sangoma Phone Desktop.
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Installed Current Version: 4.0.0-alpha.34 … yes i know, it’s an alpha…
many bugs resolved

Looks like they fixed the ring volume issue in this alpha version. Nice.

But the other two listed bugs are still there and are much more important for me :frowning:

Alpha 34 gives me a totally black Queues screen.

not for me, queues are ok on fpbx 15

No problem on my site (FPBX, Sangomaconnect Module

Was just about to start a new post about the ringer volume when I saw this. @dobrosavljevic pointed out where the volume settings were, and I’ve turned the volume off so many times but left to it’s own devices it turns the ringer back on.

Most of these seem fixed now for me, only thing I’m still not finding is “Queue Call Control” permissions anywhere. FreePBX 15, all modules up to date (not edge).

Has anyone else noticed any memory leaks? I’ve noticed a few times it’s using a few GB of memory which is definitely more than I would expect for a softphone. And then this morning after it was on overnight, it was ~50GB of memory. It still seems to work fine just using up a whole lotta RAM, I haven’t heard any complaints from our test group of end users, which might mean it’s the Detailed View of Queues tab as they don’t have the detailed view.

Dependent on non-app_queue based functionality existing only within Switchvox. Probably be best to hide it from non-SWVX attached clients.

Yes, I recently opened a support ticket on this and it’s being investigated. Running Phone 4.0.1 on Mac. It’s very evident after sleep/resume cycles.

Good to know about the memory leak. I did not notice it on my machine (Windows 10, Sangoma Version 4.0.1).
I have also an issue when making an outgoing call I can hear a short dial tone on my default speakers at the beginning of the call. After that I can hear the normal dial tone on my headset. I have reported the issue to Sangoma and it is being investigated.
We are also having the problem that parking a call crashes the app on every user. No matter if someone parks the call over a deskphone or over the app. You can reload the app and everything is fine again. Did anyone else have this problem? We have had it for a while now.


Also following bugs still exists:

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