Sangoma Phone Desktop Blocked by Firewall

I recently set up a user on the Sangoma Phone desktop app in the Philippines. Setup went fine, but about a week later I heard they were having difficulties logging in. All of their inputs were correct, their IP didn’t seem to be banned (it was actually whitelisted), and the Sangoma Phone Desktop Client Service was set to internet in the firewall. I decided to just temporarily disable the firewall and have her try again and sure enough it worked. I re-enabled the firewall, had them test, and went on with my day. It happened again today with the same fix. Any idea what I’m missing?

I know I can open a support ticket too. I just figured I’d start here since it’s going to be hard to reproduce on a regular basis.

I continue to run into this with overseas IPs. I’ve had some success with getting them to run a DDNS app (like No IP) on their home computer, but it’s a pain to keep up. Not sure what the best solution is. Ive seen other phone services send an email to an administrator asking to accept a login attempt by one of the extensions when its coming from a new IP. Maybe something like the opposite, where a notification gets sent saying that a device that was formerly registered at an IP is now banned would be nice.

Also, sometimes just restarting the firewall doesnt fix it as the IP ends up in one of the other fail2ban jails. Have to clear the rules from the CLI (iptables -F) to get it unbanned.

So you’ve experienced this with the Sangoma Desktop App? It’s odd to me since I’m pretty sure I checked fail2ban and the banned addresses in the firewall as well as ensured that it their IP was whitelisted. I also would have figured that allowing access to the ‘Sangoma Phone Desktop Client Service’ from the internet would have also solved this problem.

I didn’t mention this in the first post, but the error I’m getting from the program says “This PBX is not supported, please contact your administrator.” Does that error show up for sip signaling problems, or generic sangoma phone communication/login?

To be honest I’m not sure if I’ve seen it with the desktop app, more with 3rd party apps like Bria and occaisonally with the mobile sangoma connect app. Things work much better with the sangoma app, but I also may not have spent enough time tinkering with the others.

Ok, yes. I’ve definitely had some problems with Bria, Groundwire, and so on with the responsive firewall. This felt like a different issue since the IP seemed to be whitelisted but yet somehow the service was still being blocked.

How can I tell why those requests (from the Sangoma Phone Desktop App) would be getting rejected? What’s the best place (or all places) to look for those logs. I can do a packet capture too, I guess.

yes this might be freewall issue causing login difficulties with sangoma desktop app.

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