Sangoma Phone Desktop Application STUN Issue

I am trying to set up the Sangoma Phone desktop application to use as a softphone for our computers but I am running into an issue. I have followed the guide on how to setup the softphone from here. Logging in works perfectly as does the rtapi functionality. The issue I’m having is calling. The call will never complete.

I have resorted to using Wireshark to determine what the softphone is doing. When I make a call, I hear ringback but the softphone just spams trying to connect to STUN, specifically to the IP of my PBX. No other outbound packets.

I have followed the steps here and set the settings in the PBX. I have tried setting them to a custom and Google, but it doesn’t seem to change the STUN server that the softphone is trying to connect to, it’s always the public IP of my PBX.

One of the weirder things is that it always tries to connect to STUN on what seems like random ports. 12440, 17312, 16012, etc. Yes, these are destination ports, not source ports.

I have changed every possible STUN or ICE setting in the server that I can find and can’t seem to change this behavior. Any insight into what I am missing would be very much appreciated.

If you’ve paid for the Sangoma Softphone license it does come with support. You should be able to reach out to Tech support for some assistance.

I have paid for Sangoma Softphone licenses and I cam currently working with them but so far, we have not come to a solution.

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