Sangoma Phone Desktop App - Issues with Call Log Tab

I am using Sangoma Phone desktop App (v3.3.2) with PBXact (v15.0.23). Both are fully updated (Stable, NOT Edge builds).

I’ve recently noticed that the ‘Call Log’ tab in my Sangoma Phone Desktop app doesn’t appear to working properly.

  • Call Log does NOT show EXTERNAL Incoming Calls (Internal Incoming Calls do appear, but ONLY after an App restart).
  • Call Log seems to ONLY shows Outgoing Calls (Internal & External) after App restarted.
  • Call Log Missed Calls list doesn’t show EXTERNAL external Missed Calls either (which ties-in if no external incoming calls showing when answered).

Incidentally, I do receive & can answer incoming calls (& the caller id is correctly looked-up from Contact Manager & shown when ringing/in-call), they just don’t show afterwards as history.

Does anyone know if this is a known issue, or possibly some setup/settings I may be missing ?

I’m not able to repro this, but I’m running edge versions of everything on the system I just touched. I recommend you open a support ticket.

Will do, thanks for trying yourself (I just thought I’d put it here in case its a known thing and/or anyone else having similar issue).

I logged a ticket last Wednesday & somebody got back to me only today (almost a week later). The issue is not yet resolved, however, I’m updating the progress here for anyone who might experience similar issues;

  • Actual Incoming/Outgoing Calls to/from the app work fine (both internal & external).
  • Restarting the App is the ONLY way to get the Outgoing Calls to appear in the ‘Call Log’ & Messages to appear in the ‘Voicemail’ tab.
  • UPDATE: External Incoming & Missed Calls don’t appear in the ‘Call Log’ at all, however, I’ve now realised that Internal incoming calls (from another Extn) do appear in the Call log, but only after an App restart. There seems to be different behaviour for Incoming Calls within the App, based on whether they’re generated externally or internally.
  • I can search & dial Contacts (from Contact Manager address books) dynamically no problem.
  • The Parked calls tab seems to update dynamically no problem.

I have the App on 2 windows Computer’s on different INTERNAL subnets to the actual PBX & physical handsets, both exhibit the same behaviour. All relevant subnets are interconnected (routed) with NO port restrictions. The only Firewall in-play between these subnets is the PBX one & all the relevant internal subnets are listed as ‘Trusted’ on the Firewall/Networks tab & whitelisted on the Firewall/Intrusion Detection tab.

BTW, the Sangoma Phone App is now updated to v3.4.0 & various other PBXact v15 & Asterisk v16 updates have also become available & been applied this week. Everything is up-to-date on these major versions as of today.

@lgaetz - My Support ticket is still ongoing (waiting on R&D currently). In the meantime, if you are seeing correct behaviour in your App, do you happen to know any examples of log entries I can look for to show if/when the PBX is attempting the following;

  • Notifying the App that an incoming call has been missed (or general trigger to refresh the Call Log).
  • Notifying the App that a Voicemail has been left.

The Support desk has requested my sangomaconnect & sangomartapi out/err logs, but there’s very little in them (if anything at all) & I wondered whether a working system (like yours) had some kind of entries like this to show that activity being triggered/attempted (in these log or others) ?

Well, I think I’ve found the log entries I was looking for within sangomartapi/browserphone.log.


This is what appeared when calling Extn 402 from 412.

Similar events are generated for EXTERNAL incoming calls, however, they appear to target the ‘Ring Group’ extn (because my Incoming Calls Routes are configured that way), rather than the specific member extns. Maybe this has something to do with why EXTERNAL incoming calls don’t appear in the Call Log for the desktop app ??

UPDATE - That appears to be it;

  • If I dial the Extn of the App directly (from another Extn), the Call Log updates successfully
  • Similarly, if I switch my ‘Incoming Route’ to direct external calls to the Extn of my App (rather than a Ring Group containing that Extn), the Call Log updates successfully.
  • If I dial the ‘Ring Group’ that my Extn of the App is a member of (from another Extn), the App rings but does NOT update the call log.
  • By that logic, it appears the App Call Log does not update when the incoming call is via a Ring Group, regardless of whether the caller is internal or external (It just so happens, all my external incoming calls are routed through a Ring Group, which I guess is typical, but clearly the reason why I associated this issue with only External calls in the 1st place).

Is anyone else able try this on a v15 PBXact system & reveal whether you get the same behaviour ?

FYI, Sangoma Support have now reproduced this behaviour (ie. No ‘Call Log’ entry in Desktop App when incoming call via a ‘Ring Group’).

It’s taken a couple of weeks to get to this position, but hopefully now a fix/solution can be found soon.

I’ve had confirmation that the Sangoma Engineering team have also now reproduced this issue (ie. No ‘Call Log’ entry in Desktop App when incoming call via a ‘Ring Group’), which IMO, means everyone with similar systems/versions/configuration possibly have it.

Waiting on feedback regarding a fix/solution.

FYI for anyone interested, my Sangoma support ticket revealed this was a BUG & has triggered a fix which resolved the issue for me in the following v15 modules;


I’m told the fix was required/has been applied to the relevant modules in v16 also.

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