Sangoma Phone Client Attended Transfer

Same as requested before. I’m aware of the merge workaround but it’s not very intuitive and user friendly.
Can this please be put on the roadmap? Seems like an essential feature for a modern softphone to be honest.

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I can only agree with that. This is like the third or fourth time I am seeing this request here in the forums. Also we are getting a lot of requests from our users who are asking how they can do an attended transfer using Sangoma Phone Desktop. Maybe the best way would be to create a feature request by opening a ticket with Sangoma.

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The feature request has been logged, no need to do anything further. I don’t have an ETA, but until such time that this feature exists, you can use the Merge and have all three parties on the call for the handoff.

Thank you @lgaetz Highly appreciated, looking forward to hear more about it.

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