Sangoma P3XX no call log available

Thats interesting, I’ll have to try pushing the old firmware to one of the phones and have them test it out. In my case I don’t believe it’s a firewall issue anymore but as my client said, sometimes it would work, some time it wouldn’t.

hah I can’t seem to find a 3_X_X_X firmware for the p370s we have. Did they not make a v3 firmware for those phones?

No. P320, P325, P330, P370 have always been 4_x firmware.
1_x firmware was the original set - D40, D45, D50, D70
2_x firmware was the advent of D60, D62, D65, and we brought along the other models just to keep the version string the same, because most bug fixes were applicable across all models. Those models all stop on 2_x.
D80 tracked itself on its own, separate 1_x firmware. It stopped on 1_x.
3_x firmware was the original non-unified firmware, specifically for P310 and P315
4_x firmware is the unified firmware for P310, P315, P320, P325, P330, P370.

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