Sangoma P370 feature request: BLF keys on Desktop

Since the P370 has no fixed sidebar for BLF keys, wouldn’t it be nice to have the BLF keys on the desktop, like this?
Every boss wants to know, what his secretary is doing…24/7 :wink:

It would be nice, if one could horizontally scroll through the BLF keys on the touchscreen…


By the way…it’s not only me! There were at least two complaints about the missing BLF-keys here in the forum. The favorites-tab is not good enough, because you have to open it and it uses the whole screen.

I agree 100%. The main desktop/wallpaper is just a huge unused space. Would be great to have BLF there,…


I also vote for BLFs on the P370 Home page.

I’d also like the ‘Voicemail’ softkey on the P370 to respect the ‘Voicemail Key Type = Standard Voicemail’ template setting, to trigger it to Dial the ‘vmextern’ value for the related Extn (just like you can do for the Physical VM button on every other P-Series handset), instead of ONLY/ALWAYS opening the VM PhoneApp for it’s own Extn (even when its own Extn doesn’t have its own VM-box because the user shares a virtual VM-box via *98xxx).

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Isn’t there a setting for the voicemail in the Digium EPM template?

You are right…the feature does not work on the P370…it’s always the visual voicemail.

Yes, exactly - that is the option I was referring to in my post above.


It works for the ‘Physical’ Voicemail Buttons all other P-Series handsets. The P370 only has a soft key on the Home screen for Voicemail that ALWAYS opens the Voicemail PhoneApp, regardless of that Template Option.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the Voicemail PhoneApp supported the Extn setting below, instead of ONLY/ALWAYS trying to open the mailbox of the related Extn (equivalent to *97).


I think this is just as much a major flaw with the P370 as not having BLF’s on the Home screen.

Do you know this workaround? So you can still use the vm-app on the P370 for your personal mailbox (if applicable) and use a BLF button for the common mailbox with LED…if the Sangoma devs can be convinced that two rows of BLF buttons (horizontal scroll) are a must-have feature of this lovely phone :wink: :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not sure it helps - I can create a entry in the Contacts list to dial *98xxx no problem, it doesn’t alter the fact the the Voicemail soft key on the home page (which I don’t think can be removed) is in the users face, but doesn’t work if they use a shared/virtual mailbox, instead of a dedicated one for their own Extn.

IMO, the hard-coded Voicemail soft key on the P370 Home screen just needs to work the same as the Physical buttons on the other P-Series models.

Yes, you are right. I am confident that it’ll be fixed, it’s a new phone. I haven’t seen any posts from @mdavenport for some days. Let’s wait…

I can confirm the issue with the vm button on the P370, attempting to figure out now if this is an EPM issue or a phone firmware issue so I can escalate to the correct team.

edit - appears to be a firmware issue


The EPM does set the use-visual-vm (or similar)setting in the config correctly, I just dont know if any other config entry ist needed.

I’d suggest it’s likely a FW Issue specifically for the P370.

I base this on the fact that the VM related config settings must be exposed correctly for the VM button to behave correctly on the other P-Series handsets (using the same Extn & Template settings).

It’s just the P370 that doesn’t reflect this same behaviour for its Voicemail softkey when the combination of Extn & P-Series Template settings are as follows;



PS. I live in hope that at some point the Voicemail PhoneApp will also respect the ‘Voicemail Extension’ setting & load the specified mailbox, but for now, just dialling that feature code like the other P-Series handsets do is an acceptable workaround IMO.

Just to return to the topic… :wink:

Two rows of BLF-buttons on the bottom of the desktop have the advantage that you can still use 2/3s of the desktop for missed calls etc

Currently, if you want to check the BLF-status of your colleagues the favorite tab only works in full screen mode and everything else is hidden.

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Back on the subject of BLFs on the P370. It’s documented that they appear on the ‘Favourites’ list (as you’ve shown in the 2nd screenshot above).

I’ve noticed that they also seem appear in the ‘Contacts List’ (for some unknown reason), but don’t seem to change colour when in-use from that list.

Do you know why BLF’s appear in the Contacts List and what the point is if they don’t work from there (ie. change colour) ?

I am just a user…but it seems to me that only the bar on top, the desktop and the favorites-tab show real time status changes. The bar on the bottom does not show e.g. a new voicemail (1) either…the symbol remains unchanged. Therefore I think the easiest way (from a dev standpoint) to realize the BLF buttons on desktop would be to support a full-screen-mode and a two-rows-mode for the favorites tab. If in two-rows-mode one should be able to horizontally scroll through the favorites. But again…I am just a user :wink:

The P370 is a nice handset IMO, it’s real shame these issues exist.

Not having visible/active BLFs on the Home Page OR the ability for the VM softkey to use whatever VM-Box is configured for that Extn seem like glaring drawbacks to me, especially on the ‘Premium’ handset of that range.


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