Sangoma P370 bug report: no search field in Contacts

Wonderful layout, but the contacts screen on the P370 has no search field and you cannot press the numeric keys either, because it’s a touchscreen phone. At the current beta stage, you can only swipe down, name by name…

I just realized that the P370 (and the P330) sort names in the contact list by FIRST NAME. Can you change it to last name or is this a bug either…

Did you submit a bug report? Whats the link?

Actually, I forgot where to submit a hardware bug report. I did it here…but it seems to be wrong…

Getting Support for your Sangoma Phones - Phones - Documentation (

I don’t need support…Sangoma needs support… :wink:

Second paragraph on the link:

Reporting a bug or to make a feature request is handled through our support center at

  • The login for this site is the same as the Sangoma Portal.
  • When reporting a bug please make sure to include steps to reproduce the issue.
  • When requesting a feature be added please make sure to be as detailed as possible including normal use case for the feature.

and now I have to submit a feature request? Really??? And they ask, how much money I want to spend…?

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I did open a case at
…but there was no category for hardware phones either…it seems, currently there is no way to submit a bug report regarding the P-series phones…except here in the forum!

@lgaetz, any guidance?

I am told, it’s taken care of…

Confirmed this feature is currently in development and is expected to be released with the next fw version.


The other problem is that the contacts are sorted by first name. In a company, phonebook entries should be sorted by last name or display name (contact manager). First name is useless…thanks :wink:

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I can confirm the name sorting in contacts has been fixed in current edge version of EPM.

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