Sangoma P370 autosends after only 3 digits

We have provisioned a couple of new P370s on our FreePBX server. Everything seems to work fine except for one issue. If we lift the handset and receive a dial tone, the phone will auto-send a call after dialing only three digits. Our extensions are 4-digit extensions, so this doesn’t work. I have adjusted our dial patterns in the applied Endpoint Sangoma Phones Template, but nothing I change there seems to have an effect. I can successfully dial using the on-screen dial pad (without lifting the handset) or even the contacts & favorites shortcuts. Does anyone know how to get a Sangoma P370 to allow us to dial more than three digits after lifting the handset and receiving a dial tone?

Here are a couple of very basic dial patterns I have tried:

Thanks so much in advance!

This is what I use (in the UK) which isnt quite what you need, but might help.


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