Sangoma P330 rebooting randomly


We have a pbx with a mixture of different endpoints including polycom, sangoma s705, and now two P330s.

PBX Version:
PBX Distro:12.7.8-2306-1.sng7
Asterisk Version: 16.30.0

A couple weeks ago, after running module updates and yum updates, my two sangoma p330’s are randomly rebooting, almost as if they are provisioning… but they will do it even when on a phone call.

I am still fairly new to use DPMA and the D/P series phones, so I am looking for help on trying to pinpoint why this could be happening and maybe where to look logging wise?. It’s starting to get very frustrating with the phone rebooting during important calls.


You may need to reach out to Sangoma for support of physical hardware.

What firmware version?
Do you know, how to update the firmware? There is a firmware tab in EPM. There you have to move the newest version to slot 1. It takes a while until freePBX loads it.
In the EPM settings of the P330 phone, you have to check if the phone looks for the firmware in slot 1.
Then you send a reconfigure message to the phone using EPM.

Yeah, it was happening on 4_13_5 after the module updates, and I updated to P330 4_15_4 a few days ago, and its still doing it. I see that 4_16_1 was released yesterday but it’s not showing up in EPM yet. I will try manually updating to that version and see what happens.

thanks for the reply

You can upload the newest file using the custom firmware option in EPM…but you might know it already :wink:

well…that’s most unusual. we don’t have widespread (or any) reports of this; so, as with most issues, we’ll be playing the game of “what’s semi-unique about you.” Not bad-unique, but unique. There are a lot of knobs that can be set, and a lot of ways a phone can get used/deployed in which testing doesn’t provide complete coverage.

One issue semi-related to this (failure to notify user of a pending restart, but even with that issue, phone shouldn’t have restarted while on-call) was addressed in 4_3_0, back in April of 2022, but you’re well beyond that if you’re on 4_13 or 4_15.

Another semi-related issue was introduced in 4_13_0 and was fixed in 4_13_4, whereby the phone could get into a bad state (restart) if the DNS servers became unreachable. But, if you’re on 4_13_5 or newer, you wouldn’t have seen that. That’s also something that probably would be seen before you started making calls - after boot before ready.

If you want to try to see what precipitates the restart yourself, you can turn on the phones’ remote syslogging capabilities and watch. You’d be looking for these parameters in your baseconfig:

<setting id="log_level" value="debug" />
<setting id="enable_logging" value="0" />
<setting id="log_server" value="" />
<setting id="log_port" value="514" />

You’d have to turn logging on (it’s off by default) and have a syslog server prepared to receive the details at whatever address and port you define.

If you engage with Support, which is also fine as a first step, in lieu of doing your own logging, they’d want the information preceding the restart. That information can also be provided to them if you grab a debug dump (after the fact) from the phone (take a browser to http://ip of phone/cgi-bin/ptsr) and hand it to them. They’ll probably want the dump either way because it’ll contain other information useful for Support.

It’s less likely, but not impossible, that if what precipitates the problem occurs too far (timeline) before the restart manifests, the debug dump won’t grab it (the cause) - the phone has limited memory and only keeps so much rolling data in its local memory, so syslogging would be required.


Thank you for this great info. I will work on getting the phone pointed at syslog and see what shows up.

The phone is currently on 4_16_1 as of this morning, but I have been away from my desk all day and haven’t been able to see if that resolved any issues.

I will also see about getting that debug dump and opening a support ticket so they can take a look.

Thank you again for your time!

I am finally back in the office and on 4_16_1 and the phones are still randomly rebooting/resync? (at the same time).

It doesnt seem to be a complete reboot, as if I choose restart in the menu. But it definitely drops active calls, almost like a soft restart.

I added the following to my $MAC.cfg file in tftpboot and restarted the phone:

  <setting id="log_level" value="debug" />
  <setting id="enable_logging" value="1" />
  <setting id="log_server" value="XXX.XXX.129.202" />
  <setting id="log_port" value="514" />

…but I’m not seeing any syslog traffic being generated by the phone, so I am not sure if I am doing that correctly or not. Also http://phoneIP/cgi-bin/ptsr doesnt work for me, I get refused to connect

Either way, I’ve opened a support ticket and will keep this thread up to date with a solution (hopefully)

After working with support, the issue was resolved via new firmware. 4_16_2

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