Sangoma P330: outgoing call does not display name from contact manager

The Sangoma P330 does not display the name during an outgoing call, although I dialed using the contacts on the phone (contact manager). It shows my CID instead…see image

On a P370 everything works like expected. I am not aware that I configured both phones differently.
Incoming calls on the P330 do show the name, when it is listed in contacts. The firmware is 4-13-3.


Why does it show MY CID instead of the callees name?

Mr Darwin, How are you writing the 43-Office-3 to the nice big blue line on the top?
I don’t see a setting for this. Are you doing it in Base File Edit? If so can you show which line it is?

Thanks in Advance.

No base file edit…Just one of the settings of the Digium template. Do you have the current version of EPM?

@kendalldever15 when you choose a contact from the phone contacts list and dial out, does it show the callee’s name on your P330?

Thanks for the report, I can confirm the difference between models on the display when dialing out from contacts. I will raise it for discussion.

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I think when you dial out, you don’t need to know the CID of the outgoing trunk. :wink:

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