Sangoma P330 and PM200 Not Working

I have my first P Series Phone, a 330, and it is connected to a PM200. They connect through a Vultr hosted FreePBX instance. The phone itself is correctly registered, and the PM200 is set up under Endpoint Manager>Actions>Edit>Expansion Module 1 as PM200-1, which is set up under the profile with extensions.

Everything on the VoIP subnet is 10.0.20.X.

The problem is that the PM200 boots, shows configuring, and even pulled the correct firmware through Endpoint Manager, which is the same as the phone.

When I go to Menu on the P330, and go to about, the phone shows its 10.0.20.X address, and the PM200 shows information, but under IP Address it shows a 172.20.0.X address, which is not associated with anything on the network, unless that’s a fallback IP, but I’m not even sure why or how the PM200 would have its own IP address, as it is plugged in via USB.

If I go to Endpoint manager and set Expansion Module 1 to none, the PM200 shows disabled (or a similar message) on the screen, and when I reenable it it is just blank, so that, and the updating of the firmware, tells me that some information is getting through.

Also, I did factory reset the phone with everything coming up the same.

Also, the firmware on both, which was pulled from FreePBX via Endpoint manager, is 4.19.2.

What am I doing wrong?

Edit 1: I also changed the firmware in Endpoint Manager under the template to Recommended, instead of 1.75 (4.19.2), which successfully pushed 4.18.2 to both the phone and the PM200, but there’s no change in the other behaviors.

Edit 2: I’ve been looking into how the apps authenticate, but I don’t know if that would affect the BLF keys. I have it set to https and everything seems to be set correctly. I also have DMPA set up in Endpoint Manager under DMPA settings.

Edit 3: I’m back on site this morning and realize that I cannot add anything to any of the line keys on either of the two phones I have set up as well.

So now I am at:

  1. Both the P330 and PM200 boot
  2. The P330 is properly registered and makes calls, dials extensions, etc…
  3. The line buttons along the sides are assigned in EPM, but they do not show up on the devices
  4. No apps or anything show up on the line buttons

In case anyone comes back to this, the problem was that I had the IP address by itself set for my external server in Global settings, which then populates to the template. I needed to add the FQDN instead of the IP address in order to make any buttons populate on the phone. I assume this is because the FQDN automatically directs to the https:// location.

It may have worked if I had tried https://ipaddress, but I didn’t check further after getting it to work with the FQDN.

This had never presented a problem for the S series phones as far as I can tell.